We're a community-led coalition of friends and neighbors from around the world. We believe that people are inherently nice.  By bringing together communities over a simple meal we can spark ways to be more informed and take action. 

Online campaigns are a dime a dozen - they make us feel good far more than enable us to create a difference. Get offline, meet in person and commit together.  


The Welcome Party wouldn't be possible without the support of many groups and individuals that have helped give our vision wings and continue to be the wind beneath them.

Our friends include Tea With StrangersThe Feast; NeedsList; Communitere; Greece Communitere; Haiti Communitere; International Rescue Committee in Northern California, Standing on Giants, American Refugee Committee, 100K for Peace; 7:47 Club; Peace Accelerators; Airbnb; Together We Remember; AMURTEL Greece; Y Combinator; Jewish Social Services; Clerkenwell Boy; SUITCASE Magazine; NextDayBetter; Lansdowne United Methodist Church; One Light Global; Catholic Charities of the East Bay;  JCC of the East Bay; UNICEF innovation; Small WorksChurch World ServiceHello Neighbor; The International Rescue Committee, Facebook; Alysia Reiner; Mandy Patinkin; Maiara Walsh; Kelley Jakle; Garrett Clayton; Natalie Ludwig and many others

Special thanks to the Airbnb Open Homes community and the International Rescue Committee for participating in Supper With Us during World Refugee Day.