One thing that has made the world stronger is a willingness to listen, understand and reach across the table to find common ground. For years we have allowed political and media rancor to create division amongst ourselves, dictating how we see and treat each other.  We are better than this and we know life is better when we are truly united. It is more challenging, more engaging, more fun and frankly more rewarding. 

Starting World Refugee Day, the 2017 edition of Supper with US will begin. The International Rescue Committee and Airbnb will be partnering together to bring together local hosts with a recently resettled refugees over a meal. To be eligible, prospective hosts need an Airbnb account to ensure a great match is made. Representatives from IRC field offices will work with Airbnb to coordinate the rest. 

In the meantime, you can host an IRC tea talk or action dinner by downloading a toolkit and discovering ways to create a welcoming community for all our new neighbors.  



Last year the Airbnb community wanted to welcome newcomers to our communities by participating in an initiative called supper with US. During the first edition of Supper With Us more than 600 people met at tables to share stories. To date, suppers have been held in France, the United Kingdom and United States. Airbnb worked hand in hand with a number of resettlement agencies, in particular the International Rescue Committee. Newly resettled families have hailed from Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Iraq, Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan and Syria.

2016 Supper Locations
Albany, Pittsburgh, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Houston, Glendale, Boise, Greensboro, Atlanta.

Supper Stories
Last year hundreds of people broke bread, learned and laughed together. Here are a few of their stories.