Getting the word out to your friends

To make things easier, we made some graphics and wrote some words that you can copy and paste. You can share these whether you're hosting an event or not.



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I’m bringing my community together for refugees during the #WeekofWelcome June 19-25. Join here:
 Refugees are our new neighbors. Let’s make them feel more welcome during the #WeekofWelcome

Join the Welcome Party! Host an event during #WeekofWelcome for our new refugee neighbors. More @

Come together around things that matter, starting with refugee issues. Join us from June 19-25 for a #WeekofWelcome. More @

Join the Welcome Party and create a more welcoming society. Host an event for refugee issues during the #WeekofWelcome June 19-25. Learn how @


Captions and standalone posts

What do you know about refugee issues? If you've noticed the subject a lot lately and don't know what to do, get involved in the Week of Welcome — People coming together all over the world to get informed and take action!
Can you comment this if you...
(a) care about or work on refugee issues?
(b) are or were a refugee?
(c) know current or former refugees personally?
(d) think that you should know more about refugee issues but, honestly, just know that it's an issue that's been on your feeds a lot lately?

In any case, the Week of Welcome is all about bringing people together to understand refugee issues and take action. I'm joining, and you should too:
Refugees aren't an issue. They live in our neighborhoods, and we should do our part in making them feel more welcome. Join me and let's create a more welcoming society for refugees — 

A note about sharing

Even though we put these together, the fact is that the best way to share is to write something from the heart.

Be honest when reaching out to your friends and networks. Tell them why you care about this personally. Why does creating a welcoming community matter to you? What are you hoping to get out of this personally?

Just say that. And don't forget to include the link,, and the hashtag, #weekofwelcome, when sharing.