On June 19th-20th people around the worlD are coming together to help refugees feel welcome in our communities. Join us and say hello!

Why Welcome?

In times of transition, it’s community that helps us feel like we belong and helps us create a new home. Refugees are amazing people in transition and we all have wonderful communities that we can invite them to be a part of. It starts with saying hello and leads to a stronger community where anyone can belong.  

Host a gathering and get involved

We've created tools + social spaces to make it easy for you to get involved and bring together your community for the Week of Welcome. Choose one of the below to get planning. Want to jump right in? Started connecting with refugees directly. 



Have a conversation (in real life). Get to know where refugees are coming from — figuratively and literally.

We’ll provide the knowledge. You provide the time and location.


Invite friends and neighbors to dinner and come up with actions you can take to welcome refugees into your community. 

Share your gifts, share your stories, and make an impact. Bring people to the table. We’ll show you how. 



You're all in and want to get to connecting with refugees pronto. Get to it! We have a bunch of ways you can open your doors directly.


Host Refugees for Supper | Open Your Home for Refugees in Need | Write a Letter for a Recent Arrival.

66M and counting:

66M people are currently on the move around the world, seeking shelter after being displaced by conflict, persecution or oppression. After a long and often harrowing journey, families find themselves in a new nation - a safe haven to restart their lives. However, fear stoked by anti-refugee rhetoric has created an unwelcoming environment to those who are our future neighbors. This lack of local inclusion causes social isolation and a disconnection from society. In the most extreme cases, neglected newcomers are susceptible to more extreme views.